WebGPU January 2022 meetup — takeaways

General updates & new WebGL extensions

Ken Russell (https://twitter.com/gfxprogrammer)
Kai Ninomiya (https://twitter.com/kainino0x)

  • Adding increment/decrement operators . PR. Spec link.
  • Built in functions for converting to/from degrees & radians. PR. Spec link.
  • This is largely thanks to WebGL 2 shipping on iOS/MacOS last year. It runs on Metal on all newer devices.
  • Safari team is rapidly fixing any WebGL 2 bugs. If you notice any please report it at https://bugs.webkit.org/.
  • Ken’s recommendation for most apps is that you no longer need to maintain a WebGL 1 fallback.

WebGPU Best Practices

Brandon Jones (https://twitter.com/Tojiro)

WSGL Editor

Takahiro (https://twitter.com/superhoge)
Online demo: https://takahirox.github.io/online-wgsl-editor/index.html
Repo: https://github.com/takahirox/online-wgsl-editor

Creative coding with WebGL 2

Jaume Sanchez (https://twitter.com/thespite)
Online demo: https://spite.github.io/genuary-2022/
Repo: https://github.com/spite/genuary-2022

Clustered shading in PlayCanvas

Donovan Hutchence (https://twitter.com/slimbuck7)



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