The last WebGL / WebGPU meetup was packed with a lot of really exciting content. You can find the full 90 minute recording here. I decided to put together my takeaways here for others who want a quick glimpse of the latest updates, focusing particularly on WebGPU.

You’ll find Youtube…

This tutorial will walk you through how to create a web app that visualizes the location of any satellite in real-time, like the International Space Station.

We’re going to do this from scratch, using the same techniques a real rocket scientist would!

  1. We’ll look at where to get the data…

Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash

Sketchfab’s API gives you programmatic access to the largest collection of glTF 3D models on the web. This article walks you through a minimal code example to show you how to:

  1. Let your users authenticate with the Sketchfab API
  2. Download a 3D model as a zip file containing the glTF

This article describes how to visualize outlines for a WebGL scene as a post process, with example implementations for ThreeJS & PlayCanvas.

Left — boundary outline only. Right — the technique described in this article. Boat model by Google Poly.

There are a few common approaches that produce boundary-only outlines as shown on the left of the above picture.

  • Drawing objects twice, such that the backfaces make up…

Gimbal lock is a common issue that arises in 3D rotation systems. Conventional wisdom says that you should represent your rotations as quaternions to avoid this problem (as stated in many popular game engine docs and countless YouTube videos). …

I recently tried to get flat shading working for a procedurally generated terrain in PlayCanvas for a game jam. It wasn’t as straightforward as I expected, and I ended up spending the whole time trying to figure it out instead of making a game. …

A game jam story of intense dedication, hallucination and divine revelation.

I recently went through a bad fever, and the accompanying exhaustion made it feel impossible to get anything done. I tried to remember what I’d done in the past to power through an illness. …

This tutorial is written for the Northfield chapter of CoderDojo It is aimed at students ages 8 and up.

Remember that whole moon landing thing?

I’m talking about this guy right here.

Well apparently everyone got too caught up in the hype, and we forgot to bring back the Apollo 11 ship!

I had been writing code for over 7 years, but it had never been used to make Decisions-About-The-Real-World. This is my anecdote of how a little bit of foresight and a few keystrokes could have spared someone I’d never met a crappy summer.

It’s also a reminder that, for better…

Reflections from my GlitchCon 2016 experience

Last year I wrote about how GlitchCon is a very unique setting. Everyone around you believes that games matter. Not having to debate this point leaves room for questions like: Okay, what do we do now?

Make games with redeeming qualities.

That’s what Bill…

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Graphics programmer working on maps. I love telling stories and it's why I do what I do, from making games, to teaching & writing.

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